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Designing state-of-the-art antennae for optimal performance at 50 MHz and up

FIDtenas was born as an open source project with a very clear objective: bringing state-of-the-art solutions within the reach of any amateur radio oprator.

We am aware that that not everyone has the knowledge or the resources for designing and optimizing RF and microwave equipment. That is why in FIDtenas we are committed to perform the required technical tasks (calculations, simulations, measurements…) to achieve the best results without you having to do it, sharing the final results in an open-source fashion so that anyone can build the resulting hardware.

Our experience in the amateur radio world allows us to optimize the specifications of our systems to those required by amateur operators. For more information about how we work, visit the Support this project page.


What We Do

Electromagnetic optimization

After coming with an initial design, we perform several EM simulations in order to optimise our antennae and achieve the required specifications.

Model and assembly

All of our antennae use easy-to-find materials. In case of needing any special part, they are computer modeled, 3D printed and published so that anyone can print one.

Measurement and testing

Our prototyes are adequately characterised and tested before publishing any design plans. All of the results of the different measurements are also made public.